Civil / Structural Engineering

Deluma Engineering Inc., also provides Civil / Structural Engineering services to the Oil and Gas industry. Deluma Engineering Inc., is product quality and service oriented and has the technical capabilities to provide a wide range of Civil/Structural Services from planning and designing to construction and operations. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Structural Engineering

  • Foundation design for MCC buildings, compressors, VRUs, flare stacks, Treaters, pump buildings, inlet separator buildings, dehydration units, etc.
  • Structural steel design including pipe racks, stairwells and platforms.
  • Structural steel skid base design for MCC buildings, compressors, pump buildings, storage tanks, etc.
  • Pile design and layout plan.
  • Foundation design for rotating equipment.
  • Structural concrete foundation and retaining walls.
  • Structural Support Bid / Evaluation / Award.

Civil Engineering

  • Site grating design.
  • Earthworks (cut and fill).
  • Earth foundation design for processing equipment and storage tanks.
  • Retention ponds, berms, secondary containment for tank farm.
  • Culverts design.
  • Stormwater management including surface techniques and piped systems, detention storage ponds and structures.
  • Site ground survey analysis.
  • Erosion control measures and protection.
  • Road design.